Brabant Alucast The Netherlands, Site Oss

Brabant Alucast The Netherlands, site Oss, is specialized in the casting and machining of high-grade products in a range of magnesium and aluminium alloys. The choice of material is highly dependent on the application. Mechanical strength, ductility, weld-ability fatigue resistance are important characteristics in this context.
The production methods are aimed at manufacturing the products in an automated cell concept with the most advanced equipment. With ongoing innovation and adaptation to new technologies we constantly improve our processes.

Accessibility by phone

The site of Brabant Alucast The Netherlands in Oss , no longer has a general phone number. All colleagues have direct (mobile) phone numbers at which they can be reached. Another option is sending an e-mail with your request to The person for whom your mail is intended will answer promptly.
In the contact list, that you can access through the link below, you will find the main contact details for various departments.
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Brabant Alucast The Netherlands, site Oss, is situated on an industrial estate with good access to highways in the South-East of the Netherlands, 60 km from the German border and within one hour from main international airports.

Machine range:

  • 22 casting cells with a closing force from 700 up to 4.000 tons
  • CNC centres : single spindle cells
  • double spindle cells
  • four-spindle cell
  • dedicated round table cell
  • X-ray
  • Automatic assembly lines


Our major customers include BMW, GM, PSA, DAF, Audi, JLR, Porsche and Daimler.

Brabant Alucast The Netherlands, Site Oss B.V.

Rijnstraat 19
P.O. Box 585
5340 AN Oss
The Netherlands
Fax +31 412 643 045

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